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Passmorelab Completes Pilot Episode of New 3D TV Series GLIMPSE 3D

San Diego-based 3D production studio Passmorelab completes pilot episode of GLIMPSE 3D a multi-part documentary television series filmed

San Diego-based 3D production studio Passmorelab completes pilot episode of GLIMPSE 3D a multi-part documentary television series filmed in native 3D that reveals how everyday items are manufactured.

Passmorelab announced today that it has completed production of the premiere episode of GLIMPSE 3D. This multi-part documentary television series is the first of its kind to be shot entirely in native stereoscopic 3D. Each episode takes viewers on an immersive behind-the-scenes tour of the world of modern manufacturing and features in-depth look at three different company’s processes, history and successes through personal interviews with company owners and spokespersons.

In the first episode, the GLIMPSE 3D crew explores three iconic San Diego-based companies: Taylor Guitars, Stone Brewing Company and Noll Surfboards.

For audiences, the show offers a 3D behind-the-scenes “glimpse” into each manufacturer with narration by a unique story teller. “In Glimpse 3D, we use state-of-the-art 3D camera technology to reveal how common everyday items are made but, unlike other productions in this genre, we also take an in depth look at each respective company and try to show what makes them unique or special,” said James Humann, Director of Business Affairs for Passmorelab.

“We have plans to film the making of a variety of interesting products at locations worldwide. For the first episode, we chose Noll, Taylor and Stone because they are all iconic brands within their respective category,” added Greg Passmore, CEO and founder of Passmorelab. “We worked with Jed Noll previously on our documentary film Physics of Surfing 3D so we knew of his passion for making surfboards. Stone and Taylor are two companies that have a sense of corporate responsibility we can relate to and both brands are experiencing tremendous growth because of their reputation for quality. We enjoyed working with all three.”

Taylor Guitars is headquartered in El Cajon, California and is world renowned for blending an innovative use of modern technology with a master craftsman’s attention to detail. Established in 1974, the company has evolved into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of acoustic and electric guitars. Many of today’s leading musicians including Prince, Dave Matthews, Taylor Swift and Jason Mraz make Taylor their guitar of choice. Audiences will get to see the master craftsmanship necessary to produce such a beautiful instrument.

Stone Brewing Company, based out of North County San Diego, has been creating award winning craft beer since 1996. Stone is the 11th largest craft brewery in the United States and has been named “All-Time Top Brewery on Planet Earth” two times by Beer Advocate Magazine. Audiences will get a behind the scenes tour of the facilities and see the creation process as hops, yeast, malt and water are transformed in to crisp, flavorful, delicious beer.

Noll Surfboards is a San Clemente-based surfboard manufacturer opened in 2009 by Jed Noll, son of legendary big-wave surfer Greg Noll (the first person to surf Banzai Pipeline). Jed Noll grew up shaping surfboards in his father’s shop, and in an introspective interview, he speaks about the secrets of traditional surfboard shaping. Audiences get a unique look in to the art of crafting a custom surfboard and get to experience in 3D how custom performance boards are shaped using techniques handed down from father to son.

“Passmorelab is developing programming content for all 3D platforms including theatrical, broadcast, and mobile devices. We’ve studied the industry and have established a large network of 3D distribution channels around the world. After talking to many content buyers, we have a good feel for the market and believe this type of evergreen documentary programming will be popular in many cultures and territories around the world. Part of our focus at Passmorelab is to develop quality 3D programming that is tailored to the needs of our clients. We feel Glimpse 3D will be a big hit worldwide,” said Michael Williams, Director of Sales and Distribution of Passmorelab.

The entire first season of Glimpse 3D is available in both 2D and 3D for broadcast licensing. Representatives of Passmorelab will be presenting the show to buyers at the international TV and entertainment trade show, MipCom 2012, during October 8-12, 2012 in Cannes, France.

About Passmorelab
Passmorelab is a San Diego-based stereoscopic 3D studio that specializes in 3D production and distribution. The company’s California facilities include a full 3D production studio, post production suites and software development labs. Passmorelab’s state-of-the-art 3D technology has been used on many major Hollywood films and, as an independent film production company, Passmorelab produces its own 3D films including science and nature shorts, broadcast television programming, and documentary and feature films. The company also focuses on 3D production for music videos and has worked with several high profile artists including Linkin Park, Slash, B.o.B. and Death Cab for Cutie. Passmorelab operates a separate distribution/sales office
in San Diego that specializes in the licensing of 3D content to independent theaters, science centers, museums, planetariums, 3D television broadcasts and 3D mobile devices.

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