San Diego, CA. (Top40 Charts/ PassmoreLab) – For a guy who once vowed, “I Can’t Drive 55,” Hall of Fame rock musician Sammy Hagar has done the best job possible to keep jammin’ the pedal to the medal for over 30 years. From his dues days with early ’70s radio staple Montrose to a successful, hit-filled solo career to a star turn fronting the legendary Van Halen and then back to a hit-filled solo career again – Hagar has stuck to it longer than most and kept the needle firmly in the red all the way. Now digital imaging technology leaders Lucid Dreams/PassmoreLab are nitro-fuelling the Red Rocker into the 3D fast lane with a new live video capturing a blazing performance in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Each year in October, Hagar’s Cabo Wabo Cantina in southernmost Baja California is host to a multi-day birthday celebration for its founder and chief Wabo. Hagar holds court on the cantina’s raucously festive stage, festooned with bottles of his signature brand tequila, and graced by special guest performers along with Sammy’s regular band, the Wabos. But you can’t talk about Sammy Hagar without talking about his legion of loudly loyal fans, who proudly call themselves Redheads and ensure that every show is standing room only and high-energy throughout. Plus, the freely flowing cactus juice doesn’t hurt!

The video team was able to capture the full party spectacle, as each night Sammy and his band ripped through big red classics and some soon-to-be from his upcoming release, entitled ‘Cosmic Universal Fashion’ (Loud and Proud/Roadrunner). “Our digital 3D projects significantly enhance a viewer’s sense of reality,” says Lucid Dreams president James Humann. “When we approached Sammy Hagar about shooting live-action 3D at ‘Rockin’ Cabo 2008,’ we envisioned creating a film that would be immersive for the audience and provide a sense of participation and actual physical presence at one of Sammy’s sold-out shows. That was the experience I got from the recent ‘U2 3D’ movie, and that’s what we felt we could bring to Sammy’s performance.

“During production, we were amazed by the number of fervently loyal fans that travel to remote Cabo San Lucas year after year to live the ‘Cabo Wabo experience.’ We filmed four shows, and every performance was like walking into the middle of a giant New Year’s Eve bash. The Cabo Wabo Cantina isn’t a large space, so that presented some issues from a production standpoint. We had to take a very commando approach for shooting in the midst of a very enthusiastic crowd.” Away from the applauding crowds, Hagar has expanded his rocker persona into that of a successful entrepreneur, which began with the opening of the original Baja Cabo Wabo Cantina followed by locations in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and recently in Fresno, California. His premium tequila, introduced in 1996, has also been a smash hit. Recently he launched a health charity venture under the new Hagar Family Foundation, which donates 100-percent of proceeds from licensing through a growing chain of Sammy’s Beach Bar & Grill restaurants in major US airport terminals, beginning in Hawaii. Hagar is an outspoken voice for community action and giving something back to the less fortunate, particularly children, and his foundation aims to assist individual families with health care needs.

“We’re excited to work with Lucid Dreams/PassmoreLab in producing a 3D video,” says Hagar. “Our concerts and fans are energetic and loyal. Every year at our birthday bash we have a large number of fans show up with lots of energy. We feel 3D will give our music even more punch and provide our fans with an immersive experience of the annual Cabo Wabo birthday bash. If you can’t be there, 3D is the next best thing.” Lucid Dreams/PassmoreLab have built a strong presence in the area of stereoscopic live-action performance, producing recent 3D projects with Hagar, New York garage-glam phenoms Semi Precious Weapons, and LA art noir group Miss Derringer. Taking a very collaborative, art-foremost approach to working with artists to translate their music and creative energy into a striking new visual medium, the company utilizes specially designed equipment and innovative techniques to capture the complete experience of being in the live setting. “Working with the 3D filmmakers was a painless process and they were fun to work with,” adds Hagar.

Lucid Dreams 3D partners with PassmoreLab to produce 3D conversion of “Wicked World” animated music video, featuring punk-pop champions Osaka Popstar.


devil-dogs. Punk-Rock Superheroes. Get ready, it’s Osaka Popstar in 3D! And giving OP the ultra-dimensional force to fight evil, it’s digital 3D technology developers PassmoreLab, who have joined forces with media content company Lucid Dreams 3D to produce the new stereographic video for “Wicked World,” the lead single from the band’s debut LP Osaka Popstar and the American Legends of Punk.

Released originally in 2006 as a conventional 2D video, “Wicked World,” created by the renowned Japanese cult animator Mari-chan, was an instant hit with its classic anime imagery propelled by the driving, hook-laden music of Osaka Popstar. The band is the inspired collaboration of its creator/frontman John Cafiero, along with punk legends Marky Ramone (the Ramones), Jerry Only (Misfits), Dez Cadena (Black Flag), and Ivan Julian (Richard Hell & The Voidoids). Cafiero is a true creative visionary and longtime collaborator of the Misfits, having produced, among other hits, their 2003 Project 1950 CD – the highest-charting release in the band’s long and storied career. Cafiero also produced and directed the acclaimed 2004 DVD, RAMONES RAW. Additionally, he has extended his considerable talents into the areas of film animation, toy development, and merchandise licensing through the Hard Rock Cafe franchise.

“I became acquainted with John Cafiero of Osaka Popstar and the American Legends of Punk in a previous life as in-house counsel for Hard Rock International,” said Lucid Dreams 3D president, James Humann. “I’ve loved Osaka Popstar since the very first time I heard their first CD and, as someone who loves punk music, it’s tremendously cool to be associated with these heroes of American rock ‘n’ roll.”

“We’ve done some conversion of cartoon content before,” continued Humann, “so we are confident that the ‘Wicked World’ video is going to look fantastic in 3D. In addition, we’re looking forward to continuing our relationship with Osaka Popstar beyond this initial project. Lucid Dreams 3D is also currently in negotiations with several other musical artists to establish the company as a leader in providing 3D musical content.”

“In my initial dealings with James Humann at Hard Rock International, it quickly became obvious that he’s a schooled music fan with discerning tastes,” said OP frontman John Cafiero. “It was really flattering that he gravitated as much as he did to Osaka Popstar, and I was thrilled when he and Lucid Dreams 3D approached me about converting the animated music video, ‘Wicked World,’ into this rich new format. James and the entire Lucid Dreams team are both forward-thinking and passionate about their projects. Combine that with an exciting new hi-def technology and an army of fire-breathing devil dogs reaping havoc in 3D, and how can you not be on the verge of something white hot!”

The enthusiasm for the project is shared by PassmoreLab founder and president, Greg Passmore, who observed, “‘Wicked World’ is fresh and fun and bright and lively, and is well suited for conversion into 3D. The cell-animated conversion leaves tremendous room for interpretation of depth to our stereographers. For example,” noted Passmore, “there’s a section of fire-breathing dogs that burn down an entire city, and in this sequence we’re taking considerable liberties at determining how we can apply depth to further enhance the imagery and make it appear larger than life. There are so many instances where the symbolic imagery lends itself well to dimensionalization. We think the 3D conversion will be a hit not only with anime fans, but with punk and pop-culture enthusiasts in general.”

About Lucid Dreams 3D:
Lucid Dreams was formed to express 3D technology and art for on-location entertainment, trade shows, and advertising. James Humann founded Lucid Dreams, coming from business affairs and trademark management at Hard Rock International. With a law background and experience in protecting client’s IP, Lucid Dreams can help clients develop technology, produce content and protect the assets they provide.

About PassmoreLab:
PassmoreLab was established in San Diego, California, in 2003. The company’s staff is comprised of programmers and scientific engineers, and also includes graphic artists, videographers, stereographers, a musical composer, and even a biologist. PassmoreLab facilities include a full studio, video/film post-production, an optical development lab, and a software development environment. PassmoreLab is a firm with staff located around the world, with offices in San Diego, South Africa, Russia, and the Philippines.

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